Xanax is a powerful benzodiazepine tranquilizer prescribed by specialist for people with fear, depression, anxiety

Sometimes constant stresses and vital adversities become so intense that you need to release tension, relax. And modern medicine has medicines that can help in this case. That’s just often use these over the counter anxiety medications is not necessary: The body begins to get used to the constantly relaxed state and stops coping with stress.


Tranquilizers refer to benzodiazepine derivatives


Tranquilizers or anti-anxiety drugs as Xanax, generic Valium removes the state of mental and emotional stress, fear. By structure, tranquilizers belong to different classes of chemical compounds. One such class is the benzodiazepine derivative. Different tranquilizers are effective in different conditions, therefore they are used not only in the treatment of mental and neurological diseases, but also in the treatment of various diseases of internal organs and systems. But you can take such drugs only under the supervision of a doctor, as unreasonable and uncontrolled use of them can cause a number of side effects.


Xanax helps with anxiety


Preparation’s active ingredient is Alprazolam. What does Xanax do? Remedy reduces anxiety, stress, fear can improve mood somewhat (antidepressant effect). It also relieves muscles by affecting the central nervous system. Will Xanax help you sleep? Medicament is also prescribed for insomnia, has a moderate hypnotic effect, and normalizes the condition the autonomic nervous system. Medication is used mainly for short-term withdrawal of feelings of anxiety, or fear, as well as in the complex treatment of low mood (Xanax for depression). When ingestion the drug is rapidly absorbed, the peak of its concentration in the blood plasma is observed after one to two hours.

Instructions for application and dosing regimen for Xanax


Humans order Xanax online and the optimal dosage is set individually inside, depending on the severity of the symptoms and the clinical effect. Increase the dose is better done by taking more medication in the evening (before bedtime). In general, patients who have never previously been treated with psychotropic medicines require lower doses. Older and weakened patients are advised to take smaller doses if buy Xanax, as overdose can cause the development of excessive sedation or ataxia. It is recommended to periodically reevaluate the patient’s condition and then adjust the dosage of preparation. Typically, the usual dose is sufficient for most patients. If a higher dosage is required, the dosing should be increased with caution to avoid adverse effects. Duration of Xanax effects therapy is up to 6 months – with anxiety and depressive disorders; up to 8 months – in the treatment of panic disorders. A decrease in the dosage of the remedy should be carried out gradually (possibly the development of withdrawal symptoms). It is recommended to reduce the daily dosing by no more than 0.5 mg every 3 days. In some cases, a slower amount reduction is required. If you have preparation’s contraindications doctor may assign Valium pain medication.


What to do in case of Xanax overdose


Exceeding the dose of tablets is accompanied by depression of the central nervous system of varying severity (from drowsiness to coma), confusion. Xanax overdose condition is especially dangerous when taking medicament in combination with other psychoactive drugs, alcohol or medications. There can be ataxia, severe hypotension, and decreased reflexes. To treat such conditions, the patient is prescribed gastric lavage, the reception of activated charcoal. Symptomatic therapy is shown, hemodialysis is ineffective.


Interaction with other medications


All benzodiazepines cause the potentiation of the effect of other psychotropic compounds, anticonvulsants and antihistamines, and other preparations. The pharmacokinetic interaction of benzodiazepines with other medicines, Xanax and alcohol is well known. For example, the clearance of preparation and some other benzodiazepines may be slowed by simultaneous administration of cimetidine or antibiotics-macrolides. It is recommended to be cautious and think about lowering the dose while taking it along with cimetidine and macrolides, for example erythromycin, as well as with fluvoxamine, fluoxetine, sertraline, diltiazem and oral contraceptives. It is not recommended to prescribe Xanax simultaneously with ketoconazole and other antifungal agents of the azole type.