Xanax effectiveness, syndrome of cancellation and addiction

One of the most popular drugs that have a sedative and hypnotic effect is Xanax (Alprazolam) with an antidepressant effect that provides a healthy sleep and removes the attacks of fear. Before taking the medication for anxiety you need to consult a doctor. Medication has side effects, Xanax overdose symptoms, contraindications and other features that need to be considered in treatment.


Action and effects of Xanax


The mechanism of effect of medicine is connected with influence on benzodiazepine receptors, oppressing the central nervous system. In the result decrease in excitability of subcortical structures and activity of spinal reflexes occurs. The main effects of online doctor prescription Xanax are: anti convulsant, sedative action, somnolent effect, reduction of panic states; anxiolytic action, central muscle relaxing effect. With action of medicine on the central nervous system arise the following pharmacological effects arise: falling asleep is facilitated, duration of a night dream increases, the number of night awakenings decreases; the expressiveness of fear, anxiety, panic is eliminated or decreases; emotional tension decreases. Distinctive feature of medicament is the lack of the oppressing impact on cardiac and respiratory activity. How long does Xanax stay in your system? At reception inside the maximum concentration is reached 1-2 hours later. Medicine undergoes metabolism in a liver, gets through a placenta and is capable to get into breast milk. Xanax and pregnancy are incompatible. It is impossible to accept a tranquilizer at pregnancy and in the period of lactation. Active agent, contained in this medicine, can cause violation of development and growth of a fetus because of intoxication in the first trimester. In case of inappropriate medication the doctor may assign another anxiolytic. You may learn more information including medicament effectiveness, interactions, adverse effects and contraindications according to Ambien reviews or Ativan, Valium and others medicines.

Syndrome of cancellation Xanax pills


Xanax belong to such medicines that cannot be canceled sharply. It will lead to formation of a syndrome of cancellation. This state is rather unpleasant for the patient and is shown by a number of symptoms: increase in irritability; psycho-motor excitement, psychoses; skeletal muscular system; the increased sweating; falling asleep violations, frequent night awakenings; fear of bright light; lability of mood; violation of perception of ordinary events and situations; violations of a warm rhythm; convulsive syndrome; development of sharp psychosis. Treatment of a syndrome of cancellation is symptomatic and also directed to elimination of symptoms. Specialists prescribe the medicines normalizing a cardiac rhythm, anticonvulsant means, psychotropic therapy is corrected. Is Xanax a narcotic? It is a benzodiazepine, not a medical narcotic.


Interaction with alcohol and medicine addiction


As ethanol has the depressing effect on the central nervous system, reception of medicament on a background of alcoholic intoxication is categorically contraindicated. So if you need to buy Xanax online it is preferable to know all information about medicament including negative moments. It is connected with the fact that at interaction of alcohol and medicine the oppressing impact on a head brain considerably amplifies. Except that, the combination of a tranquilizer and alcohol drinks negatively influence on a vascular tone that can provoke hypertensive crisis, sharp falling of arterial pressure, violation of work of heart, a stroke and development of a coma. Reception of Xanax and alcohol lead to development of toxic hepatitis. As medicine is removed from an organism by kidneys, the combination with alcohol will provoke damage of kidneys. Gastrointestinal tract angry with intake of alcoholic drinks can react with exacerbation of a chronic disease or developing of sharp pancreatitis, gastritis, colitis and other diseases of internal bodies. Other medicaments cannot also be taken with alcohol including for example Ambien stories. A prolonged course of treatment with pills can cause depression in a patient dependent on benzodiazepine Xanax addiction, which is difficult to get rid of. Therefore, it is forbidden to increase or decrease the dosage independently without consulting a doctor.


Can you overdose on Xanax?


The use of psychotropic drugs should be strictly followed by instructions. With an increase in the dose of the preparation, an overdose is observed, which can easily be recognized by such symptoms: blurred consciousness; decreased reflexes; drowsiness; dyspnea; bradycardia; tremor; a decrease in blood pressure; coma.