Why people suffer from insomnia: the causes of sleep disorders

The violation of human sleep is a worldwide problem. In accordance with information on anti anxiety and statistics shows that a huge number of people suffer from sleep disorders. With lacks of sleep, accidents are associated, the working capacity of a person decreases. The study and treatment of sleep disorders (insomnia) is the science of neurology and psychiatry. There are more than a hundred different anomalies and sleep disorders. They can be small or even endanger human life. Most people experience a sleep disorder at least occasionally. It is better to know ways to help insomnia. This is evidenced by the widespread use of hypnotics, stress and anxiety medication. It is also known from the statistics that women complain of sleep disorders more often than men. Chronic insomnia can lead to violations of physical health, problems at work and in the family, reduced efficiency, mental illness, nervous breakdown, accidents. Very often, sleep disturbance is accompanied by snoring, talking in a dream, less often by walking in a dream and stopping breathing. Here you may learn about insomnia symptoms causes and treatment.


What provokes insomnia?


The causes of insomnia are quite diverse, from improper diet to hormonal disorders. The most common factors what causes insomnia affecting the depth and duration of sleep include the following:

-uncomfortable or unusual conditions for sleeping: noise or light pollution, heat, cold, low oxygen content in the air, smoke, especially tobacco, smoke, odor, mattress, pillow etc;

-use of foods, beverages and drugs that stimulate nervous activity, both before bedtime and during the day (coffee, green tea, chocolate, narcotic substances and so on);

-changes in lifestyle, including short-term: travel, business trips, sleeping a visit, or change of work, place of residence, marital status;

-stressful situations, especially in people with rigid personality characteristics;

-diseases that accompany not only different types of insomnia as a symptom, but also cause pain, heartburn, cramps, frequent urination, cough, difficulty breathing, and excessive reactions to external and internal stimuli, physiological hormonal changes in the body, premenstrual and menstrual periods;

-taking certain medications has an effect on sleep. Different meds like bronchodilator Theophylline, muscle relaxant Soma medicine, glucocorticoid Prednisolone and many other can cause insomnia;

-depressive states of varying severity.


Symptoms of insomnia


Insomnia is not recognized by the number of hours a person sleeps, but by the quality of sleep and morning feeling. After all, each person’s needs are individual. The characteristic features with which it is possible to recognize the violation of sleep and symptoms of stress reviews, include:

-the difficulty of falling asleep, despite a hard day and severe fatigue;

-frequent nocturnal awakenings;

-heavy falling asleep after waking at night;

-superficial, sensitive, intermittent sleep throughout the night;

-the inability to fall asleep without the use of sedative or hypnotic drugs, alcohol consumption;

-drowsiness, irritability, fatigue, low concentration of attention throughout the day.


Medication therapy


If you cannot cope with the problem yourself, or if your attempts do not yield any results, then you cannot do without a specialist. Especially if other anxious symptoms have joined the sleep problems: difficulty breathing, chest pain. Usually, neurologists treat insomnia. They identify the cause and prescribe effective chronic insomnia treatment. It can be a course of psychotherapy, methods of mental relaxation. Special physiotherapeutic procedures will correct the loosened nerves and relieve stress with the help of massage, aromatherapy, therapeutic baths and herbal therapy. If the state of your body allows, then sleep problems can be solved with the help of medicines: hypnotics, antidepressants, tranquilizers, anxiety meds over the counter. Despite the insomnia side effects, sleeping pills are the most needed medicaments for sleep disorders. All of them are selected taking into account the cause, age, the presence of chronic diseases.  Therefore, categorically patient should not engage in medicinal self-medication.


Prevention of insomnia


For the prevention of insomnia, it is important to observe the regime of the day, go to bed at the same time, beneficially affect the sleep of walking outdoors in the evening, and reduce the amount of stress and anxiety. It is necessary to exclude the ingestion of food for 3-4 hours before sleep, in particular products of a stimulating nature. It is also important to exercise regularly, to observe the hygiene of sleep. The room for sleep should be dark and well ventilated, the air should be cool. It is good to take a bath before going to bed and read a book. If you are going to use any of medications like you buy Soma generic or some other medicines, learn all information about preparations adverse effects or interactions and so on.