Valium is the best preparation for treatment of the nervous system in humans

Valium is widely used in modern medicine – neurology, psychiatry and surgery. Does Valium help with pain? The drug is used for the therapy of mental illnesses, in neurology most often in rehabilitation after traumatic brain injuries, anxiety without prescription, with neuroses and tantrums. In pharmacies, medicament is recommended as tested: sleeping pills, anxiolytic means, sedative medicine.


Valium active substance and its pharmacology


Diazepam – this is the name of the active substance. Medication refers to a group of psychoactive drugs, such as benzodiazepines. By psychoactive means substances that are able to influence the nervous system, positively or negatively change a person’s mental state. The pharmacological group of benzodiazepines has the following effect on the nervous system: hypnotic, soothing, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, amnestic (acts on memory). In addition, remedy is able to enhance the effect of other meds, namely, hypnotics, analgesics, neuroleptics, narcotics. It strengthens the effect of alcohol. In addition, long-term use of drugs based on Diazepam can lead to Valium addiction. The mechanism of action of preparation is its effect on benzodiazepine receptors, as a result of which the work of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is intensified, which is the main inhibitory mediator in the brain. Remedy is absorbed fast enough, excreted from the body mainly by the kidneys. How long does Valium stay in your urine? Medicament can be detected in urine for about 5-7 days after application.


Indications for prescribing


Patients are assigned the medicine and buy Valium for some of the list of nervous or mental illnesses, which include: neuroses, neurotic-like and psychopathic conditions, schizophrenia, organic brain damage, cerebrovascular diseases, somatic diseases, signs of emotional stress, anxiety, fear, increased irritability, obsessive and phobic disorders, sleep disorders, need to stop psychomotor agitation in these diseases. What is Valium used for the treatment in children? It can be prescribed by doctors under neurotic or neurosis-like conditions, which may be accompanied by some of the phenomena mentioned above, headaches, enuresis, mood disorder and behavior. Preparation is prescribed for epileptic seizures, if necessary, treatment of convulsive paroxysm, a mental equivalent, with the goal of arresting epileptic statuses. Because of the muscle relaxant effect, the medicant is used in cases of some of the spastic conditions. As for an anesthetic practice, Valium can be appointed to prepare patients for surgery. Sometimes remedy may be prescribed as an addition to a complex of other drugs, in the case of treatment of an abstinence syndrome with alcoholism. Itching dermatosis is a good reason for the appointment and order Valium overnight in dermatology. Parenterally, the drug is administered to the patients before the application of general anesthesia, as a component of this type of anesthesia, as part of the complex therapy after a previous myocardial infarction, for the treatment of motor excitation of various etiologies, paranoid-hallucinatory conditions, epileptic seizures and their relief, premature birth in some cases of premature detachment of the placenta. Sometimes people should use Ambien medicine instead of this meds according to specialist’s prescription.

Prohibition for intake


It is especially worth noting the intolerance of Valium in: acute manifestations of liver and kidney failure, identified symptoms of hypersensitivity, suicidal manifestations, identified dependence on meds or alcohol, pronounced pathology of the respiratory system, ataxic manifestations (spinal and cerebral character), expressed pathologies of glaucoma, conception (I trimester), feeding the infant with mother’s milk (up to a month). The medicament is contraindicated in severe forms of myasthenia gravis, when a special sensitivity to the medicine is noted. Klonopin, generic Ambien, Xanax can be indicated if there are limitations for this remedy.


Use of Valium for pregnant women


The preparation cannot be taken by pregnant women at any time. The composition of the medicine can damage the health of the mother and the future baby. Do not use Valium during breastfeeding. Producers of the medication have confirmed that it easily penetrates into breast milk and can cause an allergic reaction in child. Therefore, if the treatment is necessary, then the woman should immediately stop breastfeeding. If a patient has a suspicion of pregnancy, she should immediately inform the attending physician and cancel the medication.


Overdose and first aid


If the patient has taken too much of a dose of medication, there may be such unpleasant reactions in the body as Valium headache, feeling very sleepy, ataxia, strong dysarthria, nystagmus, threat to life with a large overdose, absence of reflexes in the patient, apnea, attacks of arterial hypotension, problems with breathing, stage of coma. If a patient has started a coma, it can last from 1 to 3 hours. This condition is extremely dangerous for elderly patients. For them, the coma stage can last for several days. Can you overdose on Valium? After finding out the symptoms of overdose, you need to urgently go to the hospital. The doctor will immediately diagnose vital functions and prescribe symptomatic treatment. It is important in the first hours of an overdosage to maintain the activity of the heart and respiratory system.