Klonopin is essential medicine effective against epileptic seizures and other health problems

Klonopin refers to preparations of an anticonvulsant pharmacological group and is a derivative of benzodiazepine. The action of remedy is manifested in the alleviation of anxiety, fear and emotional tension. Anticonvulsant action in anxiety medication is more pronounced than in other drugs of the same group, which is achieved by strengthening the mechanism of presynaptic inhibition. Epileptogenic activity occurring in the limbic structures, a thalamus and special focus located in the cortex is suppressed, but the state of excitation in the focus is not removed. Klonopin anxiolytic effect is realized due to the effect on the amygdala complex, which is directly in the limbic system. It is expressed in reducing the level of anxiety and relieving emotional stress. The effect of the preparation on certain nuclei of the thalamus (not specific) and sections of the brain stem causes a pronounced sedative effect, relieving anxiety and frustration like panic attacks. The medicament is absorbed into the digestive tract in a short period of time, and the level of its bioavailability is more than 90%. The maximum concentration is achieved one to two hours after taking the medicine. How long does Klonopin stay in your urine? The drug is excreted mainly in the urine, also partially with the help of the kidneys and through the intestine. The half-life, depending on the dose and age, is from 18 to 50 hours.


Klonopin application area


The instructions for use clearly indicate all the indications for starting treatment. And the main disease is epilepsy in children and adults. Klonopin online can treat epilepsy of various types – akinetic (small seizures), myoclonic (hereditary), generalized submaximal, temporal and focal seizures. In addition to various forms of epilepsy, tablets are prescribed if a person has fears and phobias. However, it is worth remembering that in this case, such treatment is suitable only for patients who are 18 years old. Another indication for the treatment if humans order Klonopin online is the manic phase of cyclothymia. In this state, a person is completely unaware that he or she is seriously ill. Person has a triad of symptoms that indicate exactly this serious disease – acceleration of the thought process, psychomotor agitation and constant euphoria. Often this drug is similar Ambien without prescription and used as a sleeping pill in some brain diseases. After all, the drug acts long and fast. This is its main value.


Contra-indications and limitations


The drug should not be used in cases of: acute respiratory failure, oppression of the respiratory center, acute poisoning with hypnotic drugs or analgesics, in case of predisposition or acute attacks of angle-closure glaucoma, shock and coma, and with myasthenia gravis; acute alcohol intoxication, which entailed the weakening of the immune system and disruption of normal vital activity of the organism, during pregnancy, lactation, as well as with increased sensitivity to the active substance. Do not use Klonopin for depression, especially its severe forms. Patients may be prescribed other preparations as Valium, Ambien online shopping or Xanax in case of contraindications for this medicine.

People should be ready – possible adverse effects


If the dosages recommended in the instructions for the use of Klonopin are not observed, numerous Klonopin side effects are possible: chest pain and bradycardia, ataxia, disorientation, confusion of thinking and consciousness, high sensitivity to light, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, tremor and apathy, blurring, nystagmus, or diplopia, lack of appetite, the appearance of an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth, a feeling of dryness and nausea, painful urination, urinary incontinence or spontaneous urination, and urinary retention, various disorders of the respiratory system, hair loss, hives, itching, rashes and allergic reactions, with violations from the biliary tract and the liver. Taking Klonopin weight gain is appeared in some patients. The process of normal functioning and self-purification of the liver may be disrupted, which in some cases is accompanied by jaundice, insomnia, increased aggressiveness and nervous excitability, cramps, fears and anxieties.


Special cases for preparation Klonopin

Klonopin and pregnancy are not compatible. In lactation period remedy is not used, the drug is able to penetrate into breast milk. The medication in any case should not be taken with alcohol, because Klonopin for alcohol withdrawal can not only enhance the hypnotic effect of the medication, but also provoke cramps. The preparation should be used with great care by persons with impaired liver function, elderly people and children. Is Klonopin dangerous? The management of machinery and vehicles should be approached with special attention, because the remedy inhibits psychomotor reactions. With antidepressants, sedatives, muscle relaxants and analgesics the means is also largely incompatible and can cause the most unpredictable reactions.