Ativan is indispensable preparation for rapid relief of anxiety attacks, insomnia in humans

In conditions that are accompanied by anxiety, panic disorders, neurotic states and neuroses, usually treatment is performed with the use of tranquilizers (anxiolytics). The best medication for anxiety is Ativan. This medication belongs to the group of benzodiazepine tranquilizers, has a wide impact on the nervous system and mental state of the patient, quickly eliminates anxiety symptoms, but has also contraindications and side effects.


Properties of pharmacokinetics


During the use of the medicine its slow absorption from the gastrointestinal tract is observed. The bioavailability level is almost 90%. The degree of maximum concentration is reached within two hours. The concentration depends on the dosage. The active substance Lorazepam is rapidly metabolized in the liver. The complete elimination period is achieved in 24-36 hours. Is Ativan a controlled substance? Some benzodiazepines Valium, generic Xanax and Ativan are applied for anti anxiety effects and refer to the classification of controlled substances.


Under what indications Ativan is appointed


Medication is recommended for use in the following diseases and disorders of the nervous system:

-in psychoactive states;

-in the treatment of extreme nervous emotional stress and anxiety;

-during schizophrenic conditions;

-for relief of asthenia;

-if there are psychosomatic disorders;

-the state of insomnia, which appeared due to stress and heightened anxiety;

-for the treatment of epileptic conditions (in these cases, the drug is used as part of complex treatment);

-used for panic disorders;

-at alcoholic delirium, thus the preparation is applied in structure of the combined treatment;

Ativan for depression applied, in which there are signs of anxiety;

-with headaches, which are accompanied by increased muscular tension;

-it is used during disorders with a maniacal and catatonic character;

-for elimination of neurosis-like conditions and neuroses, under which tension and anxiety are observed;

-with a view to stopping a panic attack;

-to prevent nausea and vomiting that occur during chemotherapy.


Treatment strategy


Tablets are taken three times a day. Dosage at one time should be 1 mg. people buy Ativan online and during the use drink plenty of water. For a hypnotic effect the remedy is applied for half an hour before sleep, the dosage is 1-2 mg. During a state of increased anxiety, excitability, the drug is taken at 6 mg per day. During the premedication, the medication is prescribed one hour before surgery. The dosage should be 2.5-5 mg. With a convulsive syndrome the medicament should be withdrawn slowly. The treatment period with this violation is about a week. During intramuscular or intravenous use, the maximum dose at a time should be 50mg per kilogram. Multiplicity and the course of application should be prescribed by the attending physician depending on the patient’s condition. Is Ativan addictive? The preparation is very powerful and there can be a high risk of medication’s addiction.


Cases of overdose and side reactions


During Ativan overdose, the following unpleasant reactions can occur: stunned state, decreased reactions, the appearance of paradoxical stimulation, may be confused, a state of increased drowsiness; symptoms of tremor; may be suppression of the nervous, respiratory systems; lowering of blood pressure. When using the medication, the following Ativan side effects can occur as the appearance of ataxia, decreased emotions, decreased attention level, rapid fatigue, the appearance of increased drowsiness; in rare cases, extrapyramidal disorders, confusion, mood suppression, various paradoxical reactions; violation of visual functions; neutropenia; the occurrence of jaundice, dry mouth, upset of the stool; the state of dysmenorrhea, decreased libido, impaired hepatic system, problems with urination. If the medication is used for breast-feeding a child, the active substance will have a tetratogenic effect on the child, as a result of this, breathing can be disrupted. Do not take Ativan and alcohol together. It is forbidden.


Contraindications and restrictions for Ativan admission


Over the counter Ativan and other similar drugs like real Xanax should not be used in the presence of the following conditions: an increased sensitivity to the constituent components of the medicament, intoxication in acute form, closed angle glaucoma, depressive neuroses, during lactation, with myasthenia gravis. It is not necessary to use women in the period of bearing a child and for children younger than 12 years. With special care, the medication is used in the following conditions: during liver damage; heart failure; during the hypotension; with multiple sclerosis; with reduced body weight.


Withdrawal syndrome


With the abrupt withdrawal of medication, the following unpleasant symptoms may appear like a feeling of fear; dysphoria; myalgia; increased sweating; tremor.