Anexil is a broad-spectrum plant anxiolytic that have tranquilizing, calming, stress-relieving properties

Difficulties at work or in the family, tantrums and nervous breakdowns lead to stresses in our minds and bodies. The life of a modern person is full of various problems, daily stresses, training and workloads, which cannot but affect the overall health and brain work, in particular. Poor memory, absent-mindedness, inattention, nervousness and irritability – these problems require immediate resolution. Stress leads to rapid aging of the body and causes many diseases. Stress can provoke a variety of psychosomatic disorders such as allergies, asthma, herpes, increased blood cholesterol levels, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. According to experts, up to 70% of diseases are associated with the emotional state of a person. In such cases, it is useful to take Ayurvedic drugs for the nervous system, which gently but effectively help to cope with the above symptoms. People also apply benzodiazepines Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan reviews for anxiety.


Anexil therapeutic effect for stress relief


Anexil is a combination of anti anxiety drugs, anti-stress ingredients of plant origin. Brahmi has an anxiolytic effect, reduces excessive tone and spasm of the musculature, relieves nervous excitement in children, and is also useful for functional impairment of brain activity. Shankhpushpi stimulates and tones the nervous system, promotes blood circulation of the brain, supports vessels in a tone, improves nutrition of brain cells of bones and nerve cells. Vacha is applied in Ayurvedic medicine for improvement of memory and other mental disorders. All these ingredients have proven effective in the case of depression, accompanied by anxiety, smooth the work of the central nervous system. Some people, who cannot be prescribed benzodiazepine Ativan medication, prefer to buy Anexil online because it is a safe herbal anxiolytic for stress relief.


Main characteristics


Anexil over the counter has an anxiolytic (calming) effect.

– It improves sleep.

-Medication is anti-stress and mood stabilizer.

– Product calms the nervous system.

What is Anexil taken for?


Preparation is prescribed for clinical anxiety of mild and moderate degree, somatic disturbances, high blood pressure, scare attacks, insomnia and other sleeping disorders, headache, tremor, agoraphobia, various phobias, nervousness, neurotic reactive-depressed states, mixed troubled-depressive states, sleeping worsening, irritation accompanied by powerful anxiety and nervousness, mental derangements, panic discomposures, premenstrual and post menopausal syndrome, so on.


Instructions for Anexil intake


Before you start taking the medicine, we recommend that you consult with an Ayurvedic specialist who can prescribe the exact dosage based on age, weight and general condition at the time of treatment.


Contraindications and negative reactions


There can be possible hypersensitivity to certain ingredients. The Ayurvedic product is well tolerated and safe. But with taking of high dosages Anexil side effects are manifested in the form of allergic reactions, skin itching, headaches, heavy depression’s forms, renal intolerance, dizziness, pain in stomach, diarrhea, hallucinations, nausea, hepatic insufficiency, convulsions, loss of consciousness and so on. There is no information for Anexil and alcohol.


What should you do for overdose?


Anexil overdose symptoms are generally different. There may be nausea, migraines or strong headache, diarrhea, powerful allergy, irritation, vomiting, and others. It is necessary to stop medication’s applying under Anexil overdose and contact an emergency urgently.


Other recommendations


Using Anexil and pregnancy, it is recommended to consult a specialist in Ayurveda. It is recommended to practice certain yoga postures: Daily exercise to improve your health and increase energy. Eat a balanced and healthy diet and take enough time to sleep. Patients are recommended nutritious dishes that contain enough fresh vegetables and fruits. There is no Anexil addiction. Take the medication regularly, otherwise its effect will not be sufficient.