Ambien medication is indicated for short-term treatment of insomnia

Insomnia is a partial or complete absence of sleep. It can occur in healthy people with fatigue or overexcitement of the nervous system, may be an independent diagnosis and may even be a symptom of some other disease. In the event that insomnia lasts more than one month – this is already an important reason for going to a specialist, as the longer insomnia lasts, the more difficult the process of its treatment. The therapy of insomnia can be carried out in various ways, but often the use of medications becomes inevitable. The modern pharmaceutical industry annually produces more and more sophisticated anxiety meds for the cure of insomnia. Ambien is a modern hypnotic drug, developed as an alternative to Valium or Xanax online.


Form and composition


What does Ambien contain? The instruction states that the medicament consists of an active substance such as Zolpidem Tartrate (5 mg and 10 mg), as well as auxiliary elements. It is available in the form of white tablets.


How does the absorption of Ambien medication occur?


The use of Ambien pills online, or rather its dosage depends on the indications. After about 30-110 minutes, the active substance of the medicine reaches its maximum level in the blood. Almost everything is associated with plasma proteins, and its bioavailability is 70%. After admission to the liver tissue, the remedy undergoes metabolic reactions, resulting in the formation of inactive derivatives. Some of them are excreted together with urine and approximately 40% – together with feces. The half-life of the medicament is 150 minutes. With serious violations in the liver, this process is extended to 10 hours. How does Ambien work? has a sedative effect with mildly expressed anxiolytic, muscle relaxing and anti suspicious property. It potentiates the stage of falling asleep, regulates the number of awakenings at night, and makes a nightly rest more lasting and qualitative, used for short-term therapy of insomnia.

For what purpose?


What is Ambien used for? What does the instruction for application say? Ambien is a pill designed to normalize sleep. They are used for night awakenings, insomnia or early ascent.


How to take Ambien?


Product in tablet form should be taken only before bedtime. Buy Ambien online USA. The standard dosage of this drug is 10 mg per day. For the elderly, the initial dose of the preparation can be equal to 5 mg. If you need it, you can double it. The maximum daily amount of remedy is 10 mg. The duration of its application should not exceed more than one month. For people with transient insomnia, doctors recommend using the means for 2-5 days, and for a situational one – 14-21 days. In the event that the treatment continues for several days, then the medication can be stopped abruptly. If the therapy is more than one week, then reduce the dose should be gradual, in order to avoid the development of unwanted reactions. How many Ambien does it take to overdose? If patients take a high amount of remedy or in combination with other substances that depress the central nervous system (including alcohol) may be life threatening. Symptoms are mainly caused by depression of the CNS: there are possible disorders of consciousness from mild forms (confusion, inhibition) to severe (up to coma), ataxia, arterial hypotension, respiratory depression dangerous for the patient’s life.


Ambien addiction


It has been established that prolonged use of tablets can cause addiction and dependence. It is recommended to use the medication only for short periods of time, using the lowest effective doses. In some people, Ambien addiction treatment can develop within a few weeks. Discontinuation of the medicinal product after prolonged use may cause seizures or other effects, especially if it has been used for a long time and at high doses. To relieve physical dependence on sleeping pill Ambien addictive, a gradual dose reduction is usually used during the month, so as to minimize the withdrawal symptoms that may resemble the withdrawal of benzodiazepine. Alcohol enhances the effect of the drug, acting as well as with benzodiazepines. For this reason, alcoholism leads to an increased risk of physical dependence on remedy. In addition, there is the possibility of developing a psychological dependence.


Interaction with other medicinal products


An additive effect is possible when administered together with agents that affect the functions of the central nervous system. Benzodiazepine derivatives including Xanax prescription increase the risk of drug dependence. It reduces the maximum concentration of imipramine and the half-life of chlorpromazine. When interacting with ketoconazole, the maximum level of Ambien in the blood plasma increases, and its half-life period increases. This reaction requires a decrease in the dose of sleeping pills. When interacting with rifampicin, the half-life of remedy and its maximum concentration are significantly reduced, and therefore its pharmacological effects are reduced. In this case, the dosage of the hypnotic is necessary.